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Training programs for individuals and companies

  • Enrollment for new courses starting in March open NOW - AHORA!
  • Only for the first 10 days of March, we offer a 30 minute FREE lesson.  Come and explore Spanish language with us!
  • We are offering an 8 hour Medical Spanish Workshop for Health Care Professionals during March and April.
  • For Food Manufacturing and packaging, we are offering HACCP accredited on-site 16 hour courses.
  • ​For Mining Companies, we continue offering Technical Translations and English-Spanish Safety training.
spanish and english language courses - translation & interpreting services

If you are looking to learn or practice Spanish, this is the right place!  We offer One-on-One and group classes of Spanish.  For businesses we provide Spanish for Management or English courses for the workplace from 8 to 24 or more hours.  Count on us for

any bilingual need such as translations, interpreting, and voice-overs provided in English and Spanish. 

The word 'dulce' (sweet) or 'caramelo' (candy, caramel) is part of the name of a fun and interesting place we will visit in March.

We are located in Reno, NV, and our students have the possibility to participate in different activities to help them improving their vocabulary and Spanish conversational skills.

We will have a tour of Kimmie Candy, a candy factory located at 405 Edison Way, Reno, NV 89502.  Check it out!

Join our groups by becoming a member, or become a student and participate for FREE!

What else is new at Training Connexion this Spring?  

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