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Training and development programs when working with a multinational force can intimidate and overwhelm management and HR – we're here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need.  And if you need a third party ready to help with your current programs, we also offer Translations & Interpreting services in Reno.

We provide training and development programs tailored to your business needs.  Our experienced instructors will work with you to put together a curriculum with the content that is useful and practical for your management team or for your employees.  We also provide translations and interpreting in English and Spanish to help you handling your training needs and human resources meetings.  

English or Spanish COURSEs

Consulting is available for any third party audit such as NSF or SQF or for a customer audit (Costco).  We can greatly improve your Food Safety and GMPs practices, test how well you are doing and correct any issue before a real audit takes place.

Let us know about your interest in a custom made Workshop for your company and we will be glad to assist you.:

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some of our clients during the last 10 years:

  •   Q&D Construction
  •   Kinross Gold
  •   Barrick
  •   Tahoe Resources
  •   Gold Corp
  •   Miranda Gold
  •   Coeur d'Alene mines
  •   Argonaut Gold
  •   RGJ
  •   Anthem
  •   InfoMine
  •   Best Western
  •   QM Resorts
  •   BWSC
  •   Ram Power
  •   Gary Platt
  •   Hopes
  •   UNSOM
  •   Nevada Health Centers

If your company has good procedures and a good manual following your certifier regulations... Why you still have QC or Food Safety issues?  Most ot the time is lack of proper training.  Employees prefer a neutral instructor, someone who is not their supervisor or manager.  Contact us today for an estimate!

Training and Development Programs

We offer three-month COURSES of Spanish for management and English for the workforce in Reno, NV.  We provide content that fits your industry and work around your schedule.