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Companies that train their workers see an increase of productivity, less employee turnover, a decrease of need for supervision, less work-related injuries, an increase of morale and motivation, it enhances the company image, it improves risk management, and it may be of great importance to reach all your company goals.  Invest in the people!

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english for the workplace

Q&D Construction and Training Connexion, from Reno, NV, provided a group of employees a three-month-course of English for Construction workers.  Classes were held from September to November 2016 .

An excellent initiative!

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The key to good customer service is building good relationships with customers. Promoting a positive, helpful and friendly environment will ensure they leave with a great impression. A happy customer will return often and is likely to spend more.

In the travel and hospitality business, being bilingual may be part of providing good customer service.  Most of hotels, timeshares and casinos in the US have an important number of Hispanic workers who in many cases do not speak English at the desired level.  It is the Management responsibility to provide proper job specific language training.  

Ask us how we can put together a Language Program for your casino, hotel or timeshare! 

english for construction workers

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Why to train your employees?

English is still the global language of business, therefore, if you work in a multinational company this is a program that may benefit you and your colleagues.   In the last ten years, we have provided English Immersion Courses to executives of mining companies such as Kinross Gold, Coeur, Miranda Gold and individuals attending Trade Shows in Las Vegas who have extended their visit for one week to learn English and enjoy Reno-Tahoe.   

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Mining Engineer Guillermo Yanez, from Kinross Gold, Chile,  participated in the English Program and visited the Dean of the School of Mines at the University of Nevada Reno.  

The best way to learn English?

Through experiences.  That is why our programs include activities and visits that are meaningful to you, your profession and/or your hobbies.

La mejor forma de aprender ingles?

A traves de la experiencia.  Por eso nuestros programas incluyen actividades y visitas que son significativas para ti, tu profesion y/o tus pasatiempos.  


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Language and Citizenship is now 'Training Connexion'

Reno's privileged location allows visitors to move from Nevada to California in just 30 minutes.  Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the area offers a variety of choices for entertainment in all seasons.  Visit ski resorts, attend the Reno Balloon Race, Sail in Lake Tahoe, visit historic towns, eat local grown organic food, practice your favorite sport, meet business owners.

Find out about our English Immersion Programs from 7 to 20 days.

It includes:

-  Transportation from and to the airport

-  Local hotel or studio

-  Three meals a day

-  Local visits

-  5 hours of formal classes per day

-  Free time if required

-  Cultural events

-  Interaction with business people

-  Extra activities for a fee

Learn and practice english in reno-Tahoe