Language and Citizenship is now 'Training Connexion'


language Programs

outdoor spanish club

-  Small group, usually 4 to 10 participants

-  Grammar, great to clarify doubts

-  Focus on conversational Spanish

-  Cultural topics

-  Coffee or tea

-  $10 per person

-  Call or email to confirm

-  Walk-ins welcome!

Every other Sunday we visit a different park or hike a different trail while talking about nature in Spanish. 

Exercise for your body and your mind!

coffee and spanish grammar lesson on
saturdays from 11:00 to 12:00 $10 for members,, $20 for non-members and free for our students

actividades divertidas!

We go for walks/hikes and speak Spanish; we share wine and appetizers and practice Spanish conversation; we have coffee and go through  the nuisances of Spanish Language.

Do you want to participate?


You will be able to participate in our groups 'Outdoor Spanish' , 'Reno Spanish Language and Culture' and  'Saturday Grammar, Coffee and Conversation'. 

HOw learning a second language
helpS your mind
Spanish for Health Care Professionals

-  Individual or Small Group classes

-  8-hour-package

-  Custom made content

-  Minimum four students

-  Content of practical use for doctors, nurses, PAs, Physical Therapists, etc.

-  Email us to send you an estimate, please provide information such as number of students, occupation, ideal schedule required, goal for the course.

   Find out details about our courses and contact Erika:

   email me at

Interested in spanish language? 
tienes que participar y practicar con nosotros!

Scientific studies have observed that learning a foreign language later in life is associated with thickening of the cerebral cortex — a layer of neurons specifically responsible for memory, thought, consciousness and, of course, language. This increased thickness can lead to better memory and sharper thinking later in life.


We provide Spanish Courses to a variety of industries, among them:

   -  Spanish for the Mining Industry

   -  Medical Spanish for Health Care Professionals

   -  Spanish for manufacturing and warehousing

   -  Spanish for Hospitality Managers

   -  Spanish for Human Resources Professionals

   -  Spanish for the Construction Industry

   -  Spanish for the Food Industry (Food Safety)

   -  Spanish for Realtors 

​   -  Spanish for Law Enforcement

Prices vary depending on number of people in a group, number of hours per week and length of course. 

It is not enough to know all the grammatical rules, memorize words and verbs unless you use them.  That's why we have created opportunities for practice..


    call us today 775.224.6271​

one-on-one courses
    Invest in yourself!

-  Individual/private lessons

-  From 8 to16 hour courses

-  Price varies 

-  Ask for our Summer-Fall discounts for seniors!

-  All levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

-  It includes Grammar, vocabulary, reading, and emphasis on conversation.

-  Also available Intensive course for travelers, couples and families